Shipping & Delivery

The specific pieces shown in the Showroom Stock section of our website are available for purchase. The shipping fee generated by our website covers a 300km radius from every Australian capital city. If you live beyond 300km from a capital city, you will need to request a shipping quote via

We like to give a piece a final detail and oil just prior to shipping. By the time we have packed your piece and booked a pickup, a few days might have passed since we received your online order. We will advise you via email or text message when the piece is due to leave our workshop and when you can expect it at your home.

International clients will need to request a shipping quote on furniture and workbenches.

We quote the shipping cost on commissioned pieces individually based on your location and the size and weight of the piece.

Within Australia, we use Pedemonts transport to ship furniture. We ship workbenches with Border Express. We ship kits and tools with Australia Post or Startrack Express.

Where an item needs an “extra” layer of decision making, like choosing the leather colour for a Cascade Rocker, we will post you the appropriate samples.


Our Guarantee

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our furniture. We will repair or replace anything that goes wrong with either the craftsmanship or materials of any piece you buy from us. We define “lifetime” as the lifetime of the original purchaser. Obviously, normal wear-and-tear is not covered, nor is damage through misuse.

If you live outside the Canberra/Queanbeyan region (more than 50% of our clients live outside this region), we reserve the right to have a local restorer look at the piece to make an assessment. We also reserve the right to engage a local restorer to undergo any repairs on our behalf.

We are only able to offer this lifetime guarantee because our work is designed to last a lifetime.