Price & Guarantee


We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our furniture. We will repair or replace anything that goes wrong with either the craftsmanship or materials of a piece that you buy from us. We define “lifetime” as the lifetime of the original purchaser. Obviously, normal wear-and-tear is not covered, nor is damage through misuse.

If you live outside the Canberra region, we reserve the right to have a local restorer look at the piece to make an assessment. We also reserve the right to engage a local restorer to undergo any repairs on our behalf.

We are only able to offer this lifetime guarantee because our work is designed to last a lifetime.

All our shipping is covered by insurance. If one of our pieces arrives at your door in anything other than pristine condition, then we will take care of it.




We are sometimes asked about our pricing. We are not “normal” furniture makers who produce a large volume of identical things and sell them for the lowest price. We are better compared to a mechanic, who works directly on one project at a time and charges an hourly rate for his or her time, skill and experience. All our pricing is a function of the time and materials it takes to craft a piece.

The “normal” furniture industry plays games with pricing to meet people’s expectations. A classic example is bedside tables verses hall tables.  Bedside tables and hall tables take a similar amount of effort to make; a single bedside table should be similarly priced to a hall table. People have been trained to “expect” bedside tables to be cheaper. Industry often raises the margin on one and lowers the margin on the other to perpetuate this. We simply price all our work on the time + materials formula. We sell the “value” of an hour of our time equally, irrespective of the project.