Our Handles

We were always frustrated by the poor selection of handles commercially available for cabinets. Handles should never be an after-thought or a compromise. We have developed two main solutions to this problem.

Eyeline Handles

The Eyeline Handle was developed back in 2004 and was first used on the  Memory Cabinet. The Eyeline is carved from solid wood and has a wonderfully organic, sculptural feel. The handle is generous and comfortable to the hand. This handle is ideal on a cabinet that has doors or drawers that are frequently opened. We have used the Eyeline on a range of furniture, including exhibition pieces. This handle takes a bit of planning on our part to incorporate, as it requires careful grain selection and considerable hand-work to achieve.

Arch Handles

The Arch handle was developed to grace more delicate designs. We wanted an easily personalised handle that was refined yet practical. The Arch is made in two parts; the top piece and the base. We select our most interesting and figured timbers for the tops. The bases are made from tougher, straight grained stock. You get to select the most pleasing combination of timbers to place on your cabinet.