2020 / 2019

A Furniture Maker in Canberra

Why are we custom furniture makers in Canberra? As the old saying goes, “everyone has [...]

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Gottstein Fellowship to Sweden

In September 2022, I visited Sweden on a Gottstein Fellowship. The Gottstein Memorial Trust honours [...]

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Woodworking Benches

We’ve been making a range of bespoke work benches for woodworkers since 2017. It all [...]

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A Year of Side Tables

The past 12 months has seen an extraordinary flourishing of hall/side/sofa table designs. We’ve enjoyed [...]

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Developing the Mutawintji Series

William was right- we already had some proven forms to work with and the addition [...]

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Developing the Cataract Ergonomic Rocker

The “best” chair that I've designed is the Cataract Ergonomic Rocker. I consider it my [...]

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