Alex MacFarlane

Alex is the Dunstone Design Workshop Manager. His exceptional organisational ability and three-dimensional thinking is behind some of our most creative workshop innovations.

Alex always knew he wanted to be a craftsman. He joined Dunstone Design as a teenager in 2006. His passion for making and for chairs is infectious. He is a natural chair maker, and these-days makes the lion’s share of Dunstone Design’s chairs, including the wickedly complicated Cascade Rocking Chair. No chair is too complicated nor jig too daunting.

Although Alex is a multi-award-winning-craftsman, he is not particularly interested in the woodworking “scene”. Alex is in competition with himself and he strives to be the best possible maker in a very internal way. Alex is totally driven by results and has no romantic view of technique or tools. Either the work meets his standards, or it doesn’t.

Alex designed the MacFarlane Bowsander, which is named after him. He also designed the TC Scraper. Alex maintains and fine-tunes all the Dunstone Design machines. He also makes most of the jigs and templates that we use for our repeat designs. We drive him bonkers by not putting everything back exactly where he tells us to.

Alex Lives in Captains Flat. He has renovated most of the house himself.