About Bespoke Furniture

We have a range of established designs that we build-to-order. We also do pure one-off commissions. We have a small range of ready-to-buy pieces that are available through this website or off our showroom floor.

If you see a piece of ours that appeals to you, call us. Most of our designs can be tweaked to suit your taste and lifestyle. In any case, just discussing the timber selection of a standard design requires a conversation. As bespoke makers, our job is to make you exactly what you want.

Pure one-off pieces start with a clear brief. Tell us how the piece should fit with your lifestyle. We will need to know the ideal dimensions and the practical requirements, but we also need to know the aspirational stuff as well.

Please don’t ask us to make a reproduction or a copy. If you have seen something in a magazine or on Pintrest that is “perfect”, then buy that. However, if you can show us an image of a piece that conveys the type of solution that you are looking for, or has an energy that appeals to you, then that is really helpful.

Its also helpful if you can point to a piece of ours that you like, even if it has a completely different function. It is also extremely helpful if you can give us an indication of your budget.

An example…

Our client had just moved into his recently renovated house. He was happy with the renovations, except for an awkward corner right in the entry hall. Where the old part of the house transitioned to the new addition, there was an irregular triangular space. Our client knew that this space was going to be the first thing that a visitor saw as they walked through the door. On a practical level, he wanted a place to store his keys, wallet, phone etc. On an aspirational level, he wanted a work of art.  As part of the discussion he said to Evan “the money for this is coming out of my art budget, not my furniture budget. I can’t hang a painting there.”

The result was the first Dancer.

The Process…

We start with a discussion of the brief. Evan will then do an obligation-free drawing. The drawing(s) stimulate further conversation and possibly more drawings. Once the design has been resolved and the timber has been selected, you will be quoted a price. We require a 40% deposit at the time of ordering. You join our work-flow once we have received your deposit. The balance is due prior to delivery. We are generally on a 10-week cycle, but this can vary depending on the scale of your project and how busy we happen to be at the time.  Evan will discuss timing with you when you are ready to place the order.

The Dancer in she oak, wenge and ebony
The Dancer in she oak, wenge and ebony