Jarrah furniture

Jarrah, a native of Western Australia, is one of Australia’s best known furniture timbers. These days Jarrah is only available from re-growth or private land. Jarrah is one of the “nicest” eucalypts from a craftsman’s perspective; it is a pleasure to work with either hand tools or machines.

Jarrah exhibits an extraordinary range of natural colours within the species; it can range from light cherry pink through to deep cooking chocolate brown. The timber is sometimes figured and occasionally “spotted”.

Jarrah’s only real vice is its sensitivity to UV light; its colour fades and yellows over time in direct sunlight.

$891.00 incl GST In Jarrah
$957.00 incl GST As Pictured
$4,994.00 incl GST (Blackwood or Jarrah)
$1,430.00 incl GST (Blackwood or Jarrah)
$1,870.00 incl GST (Blackwood or Jarrah + fabric/leather at cost)
$2,805.00 incl GST As Pictured