Wave Stool blackwood

The Wave stool is the little brother of our classic Waterfall stool. The Wave has found particular favour with clients who have very contemporary kitchens. Both the Wave and the Waterfall stool are designed to suit a bench between 920mm and 950mm high. We have blackwood Wave stools in stock, ready for immeadiate delivery.
Shipping and delivery information

$891.00 (GST inc.)

* Postage for this item is $55.00/unit.

The Wave stool is an excercise in using a solid seat structurally. The through wedged tenons give the Wave a classic crafted look with a heritage stretching back to the Windsor chair. The flowing seat and spare aesthetic give the Wave a more indsutrial look than our classic Waterfall stool. The two stools are clearly brother and sister.

The Wave's footrest is easily detatchable, so in a high use/heavy traffic area, such as a wine bar or restaurant, the foot rest can be replaced if required.

The Wave stool takes a little less hand work than the Waterfall, so we are able to offer it at a very attractive price. 

Dimensions: 660mm H x 340mm D x 360mm W 
Timber used: blackwood).
“The Wave stool shows that we never rest on our laurels. I am always seeking to explore seating solutions, even when I have an already successful similar design.” - Evan Dunstone.

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