Waterfall Stool

When friends or family join you at the kitchen bar, offer them the best seat in the house. Waterfall stools always invoke a smile. Designed by Evan in 2001, the Waterfall has been in continuous small batch production by Dunstone Design craftsmen ever since. Waterfall stools are one of our most beloved pieces; comfortable, beautiful, sustainable, practical. Available in blackwood or jarrah (or in the special timber of your choice- POA).
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The laidback Australian lifestyle was the inspiration for the Waterfall stool. I wanted a stool that was warm and inviting, but that also had a layer of sophistication for those with eyes to see it. A veteran bushwalker once told me that the Waterfall stool and the grain of the golden Victorian blackwood reminded him somehow of a high country trout stream.

A fine stool should invite your eyes. It should then reward your body. There is nothing more pleasing as a chair designer than to know your work is comfortable. I would love to think that it was the craftsmanship, or the lines of the Waterfall that has made it so popular, but in my heart I acknowledge that it’s the easy comfort of the Waterfall that sells it. Australians are very practical that way.

The Waterfall stool is hand crafted in our workshop by Australian makers. The native timbers come from sustainably managed plantations. Each stool is carefully composed and colour matched. When that first coat of oil goes on, and we see that the natural beauty of the wood has been brought to life, we know that we have crafted a special piece.

Featuring through wedged tenons and a flowing ergonomic seat, the strong and light Waterfall is at home in both contemporary and traditional houses. The Waterfall stool is often the first piece of our work a client owns. It is through the Waterfall that many come to understand the pleasure a well designed and crafted piece brings to a house.

Dimensions: 660mm H x 340mm D x 360mm W 
Timber Types: blackwood (pictured) or jarrah (we normally hold "ready to ship" stock of both timbers). Other timbers available on request (POA).
“The Waterfall was originally an exercise in structure, never an aesthetic statement. I was exploring how to make the seat of a stool structural using native Australian timbers. The look followed the construction method. It is our best loved and most copied design. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” - Evan Dunstone.

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