Roubo 2150mm Workbench

This classic Roubo style split top workbench features the Benchcrafted leg and tail vice with Lie Nielsen bench dogs. The Roubo style bench is 2150mm long and 620mm wide . The timber is traditional Hard Rock Maple and the top is 105mm thick.
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Priced from $11440.00 inc. GST

The Roubo style split top workbench is the classic "aspirational" traditional rock maple cabinetmaker's work bench. Our Roubo is made with a Benchcrafted leg vice and tail vice. The Benchcrafted tail vice is configured to use standard Lie Nielsen bench dogs. The full Roubo has nearly half a cubic meter of rock maple in it's construction. This bench is the real deal for the woodworking enthusiast who has a passion for hand tools and traditional techniques. 

Mark B from Coffs Harbour had this to say when his full Rubo was delivered;

"Hi Evan,


Well it arrived in perfect condition and when I unwrapped it I couldn't take the smile off my face (see pic) !

The new bench is nothing less than a work of art ! The craftsmanship and finish are exceptional (I guess that's what can be achieved when a furniture maker builds a workbench). The Benchcrafted vises look great, operate smoothly and are strong enough to hold anything I put into their jaws. I love the contrast between the American rock maple top and the Aussie jarrah tool rack. You have made a thing of great beauty and practicality here and I can see myself getting many hours of joyful woodworking from this split roubo!
As I said, this is the bench I have always dreamed about owning and finally it is a reality. Thanks so much to you and your team for making this woodworker's dream come true !
And thank you also for calling me today to ask if the bench arrived safely - excellent customer service !
See you at Wood Dust.
Best regards,
Mark. (February 2018)."

North American work benches are usually sold with round holes pre-drilled for holdfasts. We have found that our Australian customers prefer to drill their own holes for holdfasts and other such fittings (no two woodworkers ever seem to agree on the number, diameter or location of holes!). Just as it is easy to add salt, but hard to take it away, who wants an unnessesary hole in a workbench? Unless specifically requested, our benches do not feature pre drilled holes.

When ordering a work bench, please consult with Evan ( about the perfect height for your workbench. Please also specifiy if you want a right or a left hand configuration. The Roubo featured on this page is in the left hand configuration.

When ordering a work bench, please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery; we typically build these benches to order. Be aware that shipping workbenches can be an expensive business so brace yourself for the quote. There is no cheap and easy way to ship a 180kg work bench!  
Size: 2150mm L x 620mm W x 900mm H
Timber Types: Hard Rock Maple (pictured).

“The Roubo split top with Benchcrafted fittings is the Full Monty. This is for the hard-core hand tool woodworker ”- Evan Dunstone.

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