Linda's Display Cabinet

A display cabinet in brush box, Australian ebony and rock maple with buttress figured blackwood handless commissioned by a Canberra couple in 2016. This piece was inspired by "Mandy's Display Cabinet" but features inlays and more changes of level. This piece features our classic "Arch" handles.
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Beauty and function rolled into one. We don't normally use a lot of decoration for the sake of decoration, but these clients had quite a collection of Art Deco figurines as well as carved craft items, including a magnificent walking stick in PNG ebony with mother of pearl inlay. The decoration seemed appropriate.

This piece was crafted by workshop manager Alex MacFarlane. The cabinet features particularly fine craftsmanship.

Size: 1550mm L x 1200mm H x 350 mm D.

Timber Types: Pictured in brush box, Australian ebony, rock maple and figured blackwood. Toughened glass.
“This was the first time Linda and Chris had commissioned a piece from us. Normally a piece like this is a second or third commission, but they just leapt in. ”- Evan Dunstone 

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