MacFarlane Bowsander

Due to the COVID 19 crisis we have seen a run on MacFarlane Bowsanders and we are temporarily out of stock. The MacFarlane Bowsander will change the way you sand shaped woodwork. Our Workshop Manager, Alex MacFarlane, developed the bowsander to help us sand the complex three dimensional shapes that are a feature of so much of our furniture. The MacFarlane Bowsander is ideal for chair makers, furniture makers, sculptors, boat builders, rocking horse makers, wood turners, surf board makers, luthiers, R/C aircraft makers, gunsmiths, duck decoy makers and even metal workers. Here is what Phil Bynes, an NSW woodworker had to say about the MacFarlane Bowsander: "I bought one of the first Macfarlane Bowsanders from Evan a few months ago when he presented a talk at the Sturt Woodworking School in Mittagong. An interesting concept that had hope of good promise. Since then I have found use after use for it. Curved parts of any shape all sand so much easier than by hand that I am amazed no one has come up with this idea before. Very grateful for a very useful tool to add to my arsenal. Thank you Evan and co, an exceptional find!"
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The MacFarlane Bowsander now offered is the fifth generation of this tool, developed over nearly five years in real production-workshop conditions. Not only is the MacFarlane Bowsander simple and efficient, it is also beautiful. Made from rock maple with either jarrah or red gum handles, and featuring an oil finish, the MacFarlane Bowsander looks as good as it performs.

“We love our hand tools here at Dunstone Design, and a good tool should look and feel great” - Evan Dunstone, craftsman and owner at Dunstone Design.

The most difficult aspect of the MacFarlane Bowsander to perfect was the specialist abrasive.

“The abrasive for the Bowsander needs to resist stretching, yet be supple and flexible. We tried over 20 different abrasive products before we settled on the right one. In the end, we had to import the abrasive in large rolls directly from Poland. We have to slice the large rolls in to 32mm wide strips, then process them in to rolls long enough to provide three strips. Believe it or not, this is the most difficult part of producing the Bowsanders.”- Evan Dunstone.

Dimensions: 100mm H x 32mm W x 520mm l
Timber Types: rock maple spine (for flexiability) jarrah or red gum handles (for weight and hardness).
“If you sand compound surfaces, this tool is an absolute no-brainer must-have” - Damion Fauser writing in Australian Woodreview


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