Bowsander P180 Abrasive

This box contains 3 rolls of replacement P180 abrasive for the MacFarlane Bowsander. Each roll is long enough for three strips of Bowsander paper. This velco cloth backed abrasive resists stretching and is highly flexible, giving it the unique qualities that make the MacFarlane Bowsander such an effective tool.
Shipping and delivery information

$33.00 (GST inc.)

* Postage for this item is $8.31/unit.

The specialist abrasive for the MacFarlane Bowsander is imported from Poland and is stripped and rolled in the Dunstone Design workshop. Each grit is held in a roll with a colour co-ordinated elastic band, for ease of recognition. Simply replace the elastic band after a section is cut for your bowsander. 

Dimensions: 32mm wide. 
“If you sand compound surfaces, this tool is an absolute no-brainer must-have” - Damion Fauser writing in Australian Woodreview


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