Bayley Compact

The Bayley Compact was designed for a Melbourne woodworker with very limited workshop space. He needed to combine practicality with storage in one small action-packed design. This bench features twin HNT Gordon face vices and the HNT Gordon tail vice. With six full-extension drawers, the Balyey Compact has lots of storage. The combination rock maple and bamboo sheet construction eliminates timber movement. This is the perfect bench for the woodworker operating with limited space.
Shipping and delivery information

Priced from $8470.00 inc. GST

If you only have a small workshop then your workbench has to be super-efficient. This is a form-follows-function workbench has zero gimmicks and 100% functionality. The twin HNT Gordon face vices can be used like a large Moxon style vice by placing a beam between them. The top edge face, legs and lower rail are all on the same plane allowing secure clamping with  a combination of holding strategies. The drawer faces are set back from the front by 10mm, keeping them clear of the work. The 19mm holes allow for the use of a variety of dogs and holdfasts.

We expect to customize this bench design to some degree. This bench was very specifically designed for the end-user and is an excellent example of a bespoke bench. You tell us the operational requirements that you need and we will design the perfect bench for you.
When ordering a work bench, please consult with Evan ( about the perfect height for your workbench. Please also specify if you want a right or a left hand configuration.

When ordering a work bench, please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery; we typically build these benches to order. Be aware that shipping workbenches can be an expensive business so brace yourself for the quote. There is no cheap and easy way to ship a work bench!  

Size: 1600mm L x 600mm W x 900mm H (pictured)
Timber Types: Bamboo sheet with hard rock maple (pictured).

“This bench has every feature it needs, and needs every feature it has. There is not a wasted move on it. ”- Evan Dunstone.

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