900mm Confluence Coffee Table

The original Confluence coffee table was commissioned by a Canberra couple who own a magnificent red gum Confluence dining table. The 900mm Confluence Coffee Table is a more compact version of this sculptural design. The 900mm Confluence is perfect for the apartment or townhouse.
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It's always interesting to revisit a design. A tweak here, a change of proportion there, and sometimes the flower fully opens. The original Confluence, in red gum and rock maple, was a bold statement piece meant for a large room. The 900mm edition, seen here in Tasmanian blackwood, has quite a different energy about it. The leg pods have been refined to accomodate the change in size, giving the piece a visually taller stance. This edition is ideal for a townhouse, flat or unit. I couldn't be happier with the proportions of this version.

Dimensions; 900mm square and 480mm high. Also available at 1100mm square x 480 mm high (see Confluence Coffee Table).

“The Confluence leg pod system is an arrangement that I have been playing with for years. I love the interplay of the shapes.”- Evan Dunstone.

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