Are you Cabinetmakers?

Yes, but not in the way the term is commonly used in Australia. We don’t make kitchens, bathrooms etc, we only make fine cabinets from special timbers.

Can you restore or repair furniture?

We are not restorers. We only restore our own work in the event that it has become damaged.

Do you offer a Guarantee?

Yes, we offer a lifetime guarantee.

Do you use recycled timber?

As a general rule, we do not use recycled timber. It’s very rare for recycled timber to match our requirements, especially when it comes to chairs. We use sustainably logged native and international timbers.

Do you buy back your old work?

We don’t buy back our old pieces, but we can help you with the resale of a piece for a 30% commission. Contact evan@dunstonedesign.com.au.

Do you provide woodworking classes?

Yes, see our Masterclasses page.

Can you copy a chair?

Making a single chair as a copy is an expensive exercise. We will only do this if there is no copyright infringement and you are prepared to pay the true cost of the chair.

What is the difference between custom furniture and bespoke furniture?

Custom furniture usually refers to commercial and /or residential furniture of a general nature. Bespoke furniture generally implies a higher quality of design and craftsmanship, but the distinction is vague. For more information see A Furniture Maker in Canberra – Dunstone Design.

What is meant by the term Studio Furniture?

“Studio furniture” is a term that originated in the USA to imply a level of artistic merit in a craftsperson’s work. “Studio furniture” does not necessarily imply an emphasis on practicality, but it does imply fine materials and excellent craftsmanship. The term “Studio Furniture Maker” is common amongst woodworkers, but it is not widely understood by the general Australian market. For more information see A Furniture Maker in Canberra – Dunstone Design.