Tamar Stool

The Tamar stool is perfect for long brunches on a Sunday morning, sitting at the breakfast bar reading the papers. Or perhaps you have a bar at your house and you like to share a convivial drink with friends?The Tamar stool is more than just a convenience; it is an invitation to sit.The Tamar is designed to suit a standard bench height between 920mm and 950mm.
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The Tamar stool is the fifth member of our popular Tamar family of seating; The Tamar chair, Tamar rocker and both versions of the Cataract all share the same ancestry. The original Tamar chair was designed in 2007 while Evan was teaching chair design as a visiting artist at the Australian School of Fine Furniture, Launceston, Tasmania. He designed and made the Tamar in parallel with his students to demonstrate his approach to design as well as “pace of work”.

Evan considers the Tamar stool one of his top five designs of all time, along with the Cataract rocker, the Cascade rocker, the Waterfall stool and the Stork hall table.

Dimensions; 1030mm H x 420mm W x 580mm D
Timber types; Jarrah and blackwood. Other timbers available POA.
“Alex [MacFarlane, Workshop Manager and Dunstone Design’s principle chair maker] and I had great fun working this stool up for production. It all just flowed so easily because the construction logic was so clear to us.”- Evan Dunstone

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