Tamar Ergonomic Rocker

A busy day at the office or a convivial meal with friends is made all the more dynamic with a Tamar Ergonomic Rocker.
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A good chair should be dynamic and encourage "active" sitting. The Tamar Ergonomic Rocker can be used around the dining table or in the office with equal utility. The Tamar ergonomic rocker offers good mid-back support when sat on “properly” but becomes a “platform for sitting” when used dynamically. The sculptured wooden "Wave" seat is quick to slide in and out of, the rockers tilt you forward for typing but you can kick back to take a phone call. The rockers make the Tamar easy to slide around the office or home, but they won’t slip out from under you the way wheels can. The handmade, all timber construction is warm, human and natural, not stark, cold and industrial. Sitting is made all the more dynamic with a Tamar.

The Tamar ergonomic rocking is the sister chair to the Cataract Ergonomic Rocker. The Tamar offers mid-back support, while the Cataract offers positive lumbar support. As a general rule, larger people prefer the Tamar version to the Cataract version. People with specific lower back injuries, such as fused discs, also generally prefer the Tamar version.

Dimensions; 820mm H x 510mm D x 470mm W.

Available in blackwood, jarrah and red gum. Other timbers POA. Pictured in jarrah
“The Tamar was conceived as a desk chair; I was initially surprised when people started buying them as dining chairs (until I tried it myself!). People kick back on the Tamar and use the table almost like a coffee table after the meal in a relaxed, convivial way, rather than move to the living room where everyone spreads out.”- Evan Dunstone.  

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