Mobile Serving Trolley

This is a wonderfully whimsical piece designed and made for a Canberra couple who love to entertain.
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Whenever I visit Garry and Barbara, their old black dog barks his head off and labouriously brings over his favourite toy to lay expectantly at my feet. We then sit around a table (that I made them some years ago) and scetch out a few ideas over a cup of tea.I am usually brought up to date on their latest trip and they tell me about the architecture or garden designs that caught their eye while they were away. Eventually we pin down an idea and I never leave without "a little something" for the team (last time it was home made quince paste). What can I say? - the best clients get the best work.

Made from Victorian blackwood.

Dimensions: 950mm L x 450mm W x 850mm H
“Alex, who usually makes our chairs, had fun with this mobile serving trolley.”- Evan Dunstone