Riverstones 2 Drinks Cabinet

The Riverstones 2 Drinks Cabinet was made for the Studio Furniture 18 exhibition at the Bungendore Wood Works Gallery. This design, with its fluted panels in river red gum and distinctive wenge legs, has themes and ideas that we have been playing with for years.
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Riverstones 2 was the first purely exhibition piece that we have made in years. With such a great client base, most of our experimental work in recent years has been to commission. With Riverstones 2, we simply got to play.

River red gum is a notoriously difficult timber to use. It moves, cracks and generally miss-behaves. Many makers consider it little better than firewood. Over the years, we have become something of experts at the use of red gum. The fluted panels on the doors of Riverstones 2 was our way of showing the world just how beautiful red gum could be.

Dimensions: 1000mm H x 800mm W x 440mm D
Timber Types: River red gum, rockmaple and wenge. Other timbers available (POA).

“William Bayliss, our youngest maker, did the lion's share of the making on this cabinet. We didn't worry about a time sheet or the materials or anything other than perfection. It was a great teaching/learning oportunity.”- Evan Dunstone

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