Matching cedar desks

A matching pair of desks made from historic red cedar.
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The Brief: The client had inherited some fine red cedar that her father had cut from their Barrington Tops property many, many years before. She decided to trust the team at Dunstone Design to make a matching pair of desks, one for each of her children, from this irreplaceable timber.

The section sizes of the cedar were unusual. Evan had to design within the limitations of the timber; it was a case of “designing the clothes to fit the cloth”. The boards had to be carefully re-sawn on the custom-built Dunstone Design re-saw; the team had their hearts in their mouths, as a false move would have been disastrous.

The two desks are actually exact book-matches of each other. Each desk has the history of the commission engraved into a drawer side by calligraphy artist Shannon Henry. Designed by Evan Dunstone and craftsmanship by Rolf Barfoed.

“There was so much emotion and history tied up in this commission. The family no longer owned the property and this timber was such a link to people gone and places left. I think we did the project justice.” – Evan Dunstone