Manuka Bedside Table

The Manuka bedside table was originally commissioned by a Canberra couple for their Federation house in the suburb of Manuka. This design orginally went with the Manuka bed, but can also be ordered seperately,
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The original Manuka bedside tables were part of a wider commission. The clients loved “The Dancer” and wanted to capture some of the energy of that piece. Technically challenging to make, the Manuka represents some of the best of Dunstone Design in terms of both craftsmanship and aesthetics. The Manuka bedside tables compliment the Manuka Bed and will enhance any bedroom.

Size: 600mm H x 500mm W x 450mm D.
Timber Types: Jarrah, myrtle, blackwood, red stringybark, celery top pine.
“The original commissioning clients were great; they didn’t fully appreciate the technical challenges of this piece, but they trusted me anyway. I love clients who are prepared to take a leap of faith.”- Evan Dunstone.

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