Hesland Chair

A graphically strong occasional chair for around the house or for commercial settings.
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A client's mother-in-law owned an original "Fox" chair by Norwegian designer Rolfe Hesland. The client wanted a pair of “ Dunstone Design” interpretations of the "Fox". The build logic, visual weight, ergonomics and making techniques are quite different from the Fox chair but the echo is there. There is truly “more-air-than-chair” in our Hesland. The Hesland has found favour with interior designers and architects in particular.

More than any other Dunstone Design piece, the Hesland stradles the line between craft design and industrial design.For a chair with such strong, clean, simple lines, it is remarkably complex to make (esspecially in small batches).

Availiable in blackwood and white oak. 660mm H x 570 D x 610 W

 I’m used to designing for craftsmen, who can change the mood and energy of a design through the choice of timber, selection for grain and weight of line. The Hesland’s design logic and aesthetic appeal really demands that fifty Heslands look uniform; this is the opposite of how we normally work.”- Evan Dunstone