Fallingwater Chair

The Fallingwater has an echo of the Arts and Crafts Movement, with more than a passing nod to Frank Lloyd-Wright.
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The Fallingwater is unlike any other Dunstone Design chair. Originally commissioned by a client who liked “Arts and Crafts” furniture, it has an upright posture and a rather formal ambience. The original chairs were made from Australian red cedar, while the example pictured is in African wenge with rock maple backslats.

Size: 1100mm H x 450mm W x 550mm D.
Timber Types: Jarrah or blackwood. Other timbers (POA).
"The Fallingwater was designed for clients who had inherited long lengths of 100mm2 Australian red cedar from their grandfather. The dimensions of the stock pretty much ruled out curves. Fortunately, they liked the aesthetic of Arts and Crafts furniture, so it was a happy design journey." - Evan Dunstone