Contour Dining Table

The original Contour was designed for the spacious dining room of a large historic homestead on an operating sheep station. The arched understructure picked up on some of the design elements of the stone homestead. The original Contour was over 3 meters long and had three leg arches. Smaller versions of this design have two leg arches. The Contour is perfect for a large space where the architectural nature of the design has room to be appreciated.
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Most Dunstone Design furniture is made to fit a room-scape without dominating that space. Many of our clients live in apartments or traditional suburban houses where space is a very real consideration.
But occasionally we have a client with a grand dining space. The Contour is the table to fit that space. The design is at once architectural and organic. It is the ideal design to display fine timbers and create a room-within-a-room. It will sit comfortably in an ultra-modern architecturally design house or a grand homestead.

The Contour design works as a two or three leg configuration, depending of the size required.  For tables between 2400mm and 2600mm, two legs are ideal. For a table beyond 2700mm, three legs are ideal. This design could go up to 3600mm in length.

We recommend either our Clearwater chair or our Cataract Ergonomic Rockers to go with this design.
Sizes: From 2400mm L x 1050mm W x 730mm H
Timber Types: Jarrah, blackwood (pictured) and walnut. Other timbers by application.

This design has a huge amount of presence. It commands the room. If you have the right space, this table sings.- Evan Dunstone.

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