Australian International Furniture Fair

Dunstone Design attended the Australian International Furniture Fair at Darling Harbour, Sydney, in early February, 2011. The show brings interior designers, architects, developers and retailers together with domestic manufacturers and furniture importers.

Sponsored by the Furniture Industry Association of Australia and the show organizers, Dunstone Design represented the high quality craft/design end of the Australian furniture manufacturing scene.

Winner at Perth 2009

We recently took the Tamar suite in celery top pine and a single Werriwa lounge in Victorian blackwood and Paloma leather to the Furniture Industry Association of Australia's "Australian Furniture of the Year Awards 2009" held in Perth.

To our great satisfaction, the Werriwa lounge won the category "Excellence in Furniture using Leather". The Werriwa has been awarded in the past for its wood craftsmanship and design, but this added a whole new dimension. The Werriwa beat its competition based directly on comfort and the quality of its upholstery.

The Tamar suite was awarded "Runner-Up" at the same competition in the category of "Excellence in Dining Furniture". This was not a case of being damned with faint praise. The FIAA's competition is aimed at the broader furniture industry, not the small craft/design end of the game. They only award a runner-up in a category when there are "two clear winners". Broad appeal and value for money are a big part of the judging criteria, so for the Tamar to be considered so highly under those testing conditions (for a craft based piece) is wonderful.
Evan Dunstone
Churchill Fellowship 2001 for "Contemporary Chair Design and Manufacture."

Awards (with Dunstone Design)

2009-Winner of “Excellence in Furniture using Leather” for the Werriwa lounge chair and runner up in “Excellence in Dining Furniture” for the Tamar dining suite at the 2009 FIAA “Furniture of the Year” awards.
2007-Reserve Champion for the Tamar Dining suite at the Canberra Timber and Working with Wood Show.
2006- Open Champion for Cascade Rocking chair at the Canberra Timber and Working with Wood Show.
2006-Winner of the Furniture category for the Werriwa Lounge, Sydney Timber and Working with Wood Show.
2005 “Best in Show” for “The Dancer”, Sydney Craft show.
2005- Reserve Champion, Canberra Timber and Working with Wood Show for the Seren Highback carver chair.
2004- Winner, Australian Furniture Awards, Australian Wood Review magazine, for the Academic chair.
2004- Winner, “Something for the Kitchen” held by Australian Wood Worker magazine in conjunction with the Timber and Working With Wood Show for the Waterfall stool.

Rolf Barfoed- Awards

Open Champion for The Nomad, Canberra Timber and Working with Wood Show, 2011.
Gold medal in Cabinetmaking at the National Worldskills competition, 2008.
BBM Scholarship to work and study in the United Kingdom, 2008.

Cabinetmaker's award for Best Overall Piece and the final year exhibition, Canberra CIT.

Alex MacFarlane- Awards

Open Champion, Canberra Timber and Working with wood Show, 2007.